After graduating from Film and TV at Swinburne in 2009, ‘Anno’ has been carving out a name for herself in the Melbourne film scene as a freelance filmmaker and visual artist. 

Growing up, Anno religiously watched Rage, recording all her favourite clips to learn the dance moves. She didn’t go on to become a world famous dancer, but this love of music videos has largely inspired her film work. Colour, shape and movement are key recurring themes in her work, helping her to create worlds that have a dreamy twist on reality.

With a distinct aesthetic tone, Anno has directed a host of music video with some of Australia’s most exciting artists such as Jen Cloher, Mia Dyson and GL. Her most recent work is “50 Shades of No”, a campaign supporting not for profit organisation Project Consent. The film, a powerful movement piece, was released to coincide with International Women’s Day 2018.